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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Benefab® by Sore No-More®?

    Benefab® stands for ‘Beneficial Fabrics’. We are a small business that is dedicated, heart and soul, to the well-being of people and animals alike. This business was founded during the recovery process of a tragic accident that the owner experienced. The accident itself left her in a life-changing condition which you can read more about here. Also, check out what sets us apart from other options in the marketplace by clicking here.

    After refining the line through customer feedback and rigorous testing, it began growing and expanding organically. As the company grew, the line flourished and began getting attention from many large distributors in the industry. One of those companies was Arenus®, the makers of Sore No-More® liniments and gelotions – the combination of wearable therapeutics and all-natural, topical liniments was too good to resist. That’s when Benefab® by Sore No-More® emerged.

    What health conditions are Benefab® by Sore No-More® products effective toward?

    *If you have a clinical condition, we recommend consulting with you Doctor. Please see our medical disclaimer for more information.

    Do you have products for small animals?

    Although we don’t have any products designed specifically for canines and felines as of yet, our current customers have great success using some of our existing products. For example, cats and dogs LOVE laying on our Therapeutic Blanket – try laying it across their favorite bed and see the results.

    How do the products work?

    All the products in the Benefab® by Sore No-More® line are designed to be effective, durable, and easy to care for — without sacrificing style and appearance. The science behind the products is both innovative and research-backed. Our product line is made up of ceramic-infused materials that are proven to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. They do so by emitting far-infrared wavelengths (a low-range, invisible ray of light on the electromagnetic spectrum) that penetrate down to the deep tissue level, exciting the Oxygen atoms within the water molecules in the blood. This increases blood circulation (dilates capillaries) and ultimately reduces inflammation and can aid in healing of old and new injuries.

    What are some effects of Far-Infrared therapy?

    A few of the beneficial effects of far-infrared therapy have been discovered throughout many years of comprehensive research completed by Scientists and Doctors. This research has proven it to be an effective natural health remedy. Some of these effects include, but are not limited to, the following:

    When do you begin to feel the effects of our wearable wellness products?

    The answer to this question varies from case to case – dependent upon the humans’ or animals’ symptoms and/or their current health condition. One may start feeling the pain relieving benefits almost immediately for products that are placed directly against the skin, while others wearing our products may take several (up to three) weeks to notice and feel the full results.

    Is it Scientifically Proven & Research-Backed?

    Yes! Benefab® by Sore No-More® was founded with a purpose to help others find relief for their pain and soreness from injury or trauma – something the founder knows very well. When she began using ceramic-infused products herself, there was no doubt in her mind that she needed to share them with the world. Through countless trials and designs, she perfected the products with the end user in mind, whether that be you or your animals.

    You’ll see increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks of use – it’s our customer promise. Results can be different for every user, but our customer testimonials say it all. Read what our current customer’s have to say about us here.

    How do I start using the products?

    If you have never used a similar therapy prior to becoming a Benefab® by Sore No-More® customer, we recommend to start by slowly introducing the fabric by beginning to wear the materials for no more than 4 hours at a time. After implementing this regiment for 4-6 days, your body (or your animal) will have had time to familiarize itself with the actual effects of the material.

    Due to the high increase in blood circulation, although unlikely, it is possible for the human and/or animal body to react with slight pain and swelling. If pain or swelling occurs within this first week, simply discontinue use of the product at that time, and re-introduce it the next day.

    Once, you feel comfortable with the fabric up to four hours at a time, you may increase your wear of the products as comfort allows. We recommend you wear the product(s) as much as possible for at least 3 weeks for healing and therapeutic measures to take effect.

    Do Benefab® by Sore No-More® Ceramic products make users warm?

    Although our products provide a heat-based therapy, it is not your typical heat therapy such as a heating pad. You won’t feel the warmth of our products the same way you would if using a traditional heating pad. All our products are uniquely designed to wick away moisture, as well as maintain breathability. For the winter months, however, we have products designed for warmth such as our scarf and blanket. The majority of our products, including our Socks, Ankle Braces, Knee Brace, and Fingerless Gloves have been designed for year-around use.

    Will the products burn me?

    Never. Our products provide a gentle therapy that cannot burn or blister if used alone.

    How durable are the Benefab® by Sore No-More® materials?

    We know how hard frequent daily use can be on fabrics, so we make sure to use high quality, durable materials, so that you can rest easy knowing they’ll hold up to the rigors of daily use. Benefab® by Sore No-More® products are created with an emphasis on effectiveness, durability, and longevity.

    Are they washable?

    Of course! Every Benefab® by Sore No-More® product is Machine washable. Refer to these easy instructions below:

    Please note: Excessive heat may damage the ceramic material and/or hinder the results of the fabric.

    Where can I purchase Benefab® by Sore No-More®?

    We are offered online (including Amazon Prime) through many dealers and our home website. We also have a number of dealers Nationwide and in Canada. To view a list of active dealers, please click >>> here.

    Can I become a dealer?

    We distribute our products exclusively through Arenus®, the leader in animal health and nutrition – to fill out the dealer application, click here.

    Media and Speaking Inquires

    Please contact kat@benefabproducts.com if you are interested in booking a media interview, speaking engagement or writing contribution.